Mike Cloy

Foothills Regional Coordinator


Mike is currently the Foothills Regional Coordinator for Veterans Services of the Carolinas. Mike is a lifelong learner as he has earned four graduate degrees in areas of counseling from the University of Missouri, in education from the University of Southern Mississippi, in strategic planning from U.S. Army War College and in human services from Liberty University.

Mike Cloy served our Nation for 27 years as a Regular Army Commissioned Infantry Officer leading and commanding Soldiers at the tactical, operational and strategic levels in both peace and combat operations. After retiring from the Army, Mike taught leadership in both the public and private school settings for six years before becoming a Disabled Veteran Outreach Employment Consultant for the North Carolina Department of Commerce. Mike’s work as an NC Works employee was recognized as he was awarded the 2017 Governors NC Works Award of Distinction for Outstanding Achievement in Workforce Development.