Outreach Services


Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) is a program designed to provide outreach to individuals with severe mental illness who are living outside and are deemed most vulnerable.  The NC PATH program serves individuals who have been historically perceived as unreachable and un-house-able. Veterans will be located through extensive outreach efforts extended by the PATH team. Case Management and peer support services will be offered to Veterans who meet criteria and are enrolled in the PATH program.  PATH staff will assist eligible Veterans by referring them to mental health treatment and resources, primary health and dental care, as well as income assistance, employment, and housing. In appropriate situations PATH is able to provide direct service funds to assist with rent and utilities deposits.   

 Veterans who have served one day in active duty military and who are literally homeless living in outside locations such as streets, camps, wooded areas, and abandoned buildings or under bridges may be eligible for our services. PATH’s primary focus is street outreach to Veterans who are struggling with Mental Illness and are not currently accessing community resources. 

 Services may include:

  • Outreach Services:

    • Outreach services will be conducted where Veterans will be found (i.e. streets, camps, parks, shelters). PATH Outreach includes observing individuals who appear to be experiencing homelessness and whose behavior, dress, speech, or affect appears to indicate possible severe mental illness. Outreach is face-to-face with the Veterans.

  • Case management services:

    • The Case Manager conducts face-to-face interviews to determine program eligibility and will complete an assessment of needs at the time of admission. The Case Manager collaborates with community providers, when authorized by the Veteran, to ensure that the Veteran’s service needs are met and duplication of services is minimized. The Case Manager will work directly with the Veteran on an Individualized Success Plan.

  • Peer Support Services:

    • Our Peer Support Specialist are Veterans who have previously experienced homelessness and are living in recovery from mental illness and substance use. THey are North Carolina Certified Peer Support. They employ the same services as the case manager, in addition to engaging with the Veterans in a peer relationship. 

 Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) covers 3 counties: Buncombe, Cumberland, and Onslow.